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The Hair and Beauty Corner

(Manchester) Beginners Braiding Workshop - Saturday 6th July 2024

(Manchester) Beginners Braiding Workshop - Saturday 6th July 2024

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Ever thought about mastering the art of braiding? Well, guess what? We've got the ultimate course for you!

Introducing our Braids for Beginners Workshop – the coolest way to dive into the world of braiding. But hold up, it's not just about braids. It's like getting VIP access to a hairstyling academy that's all about nailing those braids while having a good time.

Think of it as a braiding boot camp, but without the drill sergeants. You're going to learn the nitty-gritty of safety and cleanliness – all the important stuff! Plus, we'll spill the beans on how to make your parts look sleek and how to create the perfect braid. 

But wait, there's more! We’ll teach you the technical finger placement, hand action, and how to create braids on different length hair. 

And the styles? We’ll delve into Single Braids, edgy Cornrows, even Braiding to the Scalp and the elegant French Braids. This workshop isn’t just about hair! We're throwing in some serious hair care wisdom, product tips, and treatment advice. 

You’ll learn to master the technique on our professional training heads, available to purchase after the workshop finishes.

1. Styling Techniques: Some popular styling techniques for hair include single braids, cornrows (braiding to the scalp), and French braids.

2. Hair Care: It is important to take proper care of your hair to keep it healthy and beautiful.

3. Product Recommendations: When it comes to choosing hair products, it is advisable to seek advice from professionals who can recommend suitable products based on your hair type and concerns.

4. Treatment Suggestions: If you are looking for specific hair treatments, it is best to consult with a professional who can provide personalized advice and recommend treatments that cater to your unique needs.

Spaces are booking up quickly so grab your spot before we sell out! 🎉

All ages are welcome. 

VENUE:        The Hair and Beauty Corner Academy

                       248 Mauldeth Road West



                       M20 1BE

Time: 10:30-16:30

PAYMENT :  Debit and Credit cards accepted, Apple Pay, Internet Banking, PAYPAL.

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